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Jesus the Alien

4 Jan

Weaving together fibers from each canonical gospel, the Gospel of Peter presents a familiar story of the crucifixion at first. It offers some typical elements: a blaming of “the Jews,” a crown of thorns, a vinegar-soaked cloth to drink, the casting of lots for Jesus’ (very few) wares, Jesus crying out, his death, burial, and diligent guards stationed at his tomb. Soon after these expected details, however, we get a scene unseen anywhere else that answers the question: after he was buried, how did Jesus leave that stone-covered sepulcher?

According to the Gospel of Peter, a pair of angels picked him up.

During the night, the guards stationed outside of the tomb see two glowing men descend from heaven, enter the self-opening sepulcher (the rock rolls over on its own!), and leave, supporting Jesus between them. It gets weirder: a cross follows behind them, and “the heads of the two reach[ed] to heaven, but that of him who was being led reached beyond the heavens.” Weirder still, that floating cross speaks. The guards hear “a voice out of the heavens crying, ‘Have you preached to those who sleep?’, and from the cross there was heard the answer, ‘Yes.’”

A floating cross follows three figures. Their heads stretch to the heavens. The cross answers a heavenly voice.

How. Utterly. Bizarre.

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